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November 23rd, 2004 - tuesday

For Sunday's SketchCrawl event, I ended up neither sketching nor crawling, and instead I started drawing some straight-to-ink stuff featuring The Prisoners, which, according to this website, is "coming soon". Drawing ink sketches in people's Flight books has been great practice for doing stuff like this...

For people who have ordered prints…

Please let me know if they end up arriving damaged. The print package that went out to a Tanya B. was returned recently, and it was all beat up. I realize now the postal service does not handle the stuff delicately, so please do let me know if stuff gets damaged. (and Tanya, I'll be re-sending the print immediately)

Painting for Daisy Kutter is underway! I'm on the home stretch!


November 20th, 2004 - saturday

Just a quick reminder - Tonight is the Nucleus Toy Show and tomorrow is the SketchCrawl. Here's a pretty cool event going on today, as well.

Oh, and here's an animated bunny film by Bernard Derrimann (via the Flight Forums)



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