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October 11th, 2004 - monday

Good morning, everyone! I hope Monday's treating you well. I just received an email from my Mom, who is worried something might be wrong since I haven't posted since Thursday. Hehehe. No worries, Mom. Everything's fine. I've just been busy working on stuff and trying to catch up on some rest after the grueling schedule I was on for Daisy Kutter Chapter Three. I'm back on the daily work schedule again today.

So, for a progress check... lemme see... the new Copper comic is penciled, inked, and currently in the process of being colored. Looks like I'll also have to do another one for next week to catch up on my monthlies. I've also written most of my Flight Volume Two comic and I'm amped to start drawing it, but I still have to jump the final hurdle on Daisy Kutter, with the final fourth chapter left to do.

In other news...

The Grand Opening gallery show at Nucleus was a huge hit! The place was completely packed. I'll post pics once I get them out of Khang's camera. Congrats to Ben and everyone else who was involved!

On the bad news front, my trusty Honda Civic had to get its transmission rebuilt and so I'm stuck in the house with the car in the shop. The day I told someone how happy I was with the vehicle for not having given me any trouble for the 9 years since purchasing it, a horrible grating noise started emanating from the floor. Nice. Oh, and thank you Cingular Wireless for letting me down once again with your horrible customer service. Thanks. I'd explain what happened here, but it's simply not worth it, and it would be too long-winded. Anyway, I was going about my life without a cell phone for the last month and a half, and it was... very nice, actually. I've already cut myself off TV and I'll probably chuck my cell phone in the trash once the contract is up, so I'll probably be a crazy bearded man in a log cabin up in the mountains soon enough.


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