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September 28th, 2004 - tuesday

You know, I've always had bad luck. It's why I try to avoid gambling (which is funny, considering I teach people how to play Texas Hold 'Em in Daisy Kutter). Not only do I have bad luck at the tables, but I also tend to have bad luck with things like my birthday... One year, I even spent my birthday cleaning my roommate's used, dried-up condoms from the attic of a house I was moving out from. (Don't ask) In the process of doing that, I dropped my glasses somewhere in the attic as the sun went down. I stumbled about in the complete dark looking for them, to no avail, and I decided to wait it out until the next day. I spent one last night in that place, on the floor, with no electricity, bundled up with my knees inside my sweater. I actually laughed myself to sleep when I realized it was my birthday.

Well, there IS one aspect of my life in which I have always had incredible good luck: My illustrations. For some uncanny reason, I always end up falling into everything when it comes to drawings, and I almost take it for granted sometimes. Of course, it's probably because I work way too hard at it. Wait, I hope I didn't just jinx myself...

Anyway, unlike me, my friends (who are also featured in FLIGHT) Catia Chien and Rad Sechrist haven't had much luck with finding work after school. They both recently graduated from school and are looking for work. They are also insanely talented. SO, if anyone out there is in "the industry", or whatever industry, and looking for talent, or even looking for commissioned work, please take a look at their work and consider them. They're good people... and it's hard for me to believe that people who can draw like THIS, or THIS, are not getting paid to do it for a living. It is simply ridiculous.

Daisy Kutter in progress...

I'm gonna have to apologize beforehand for Copper being late, since it will be. I have to finish DK Chapter Three before I can begin work on it and there's plenty more to do. Here's a panel I like from one of the pages...

Also, check it out... Daisy Kutter Chapter Two is the comic book pick of the week at needcoffee.com! They call it "odd". Awesome! Oh, and I'm right next to the Sledge Hammer TV show DVD!! Double the awesome!



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