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September 27th, 2004 - monday

We had a good time speaking at Cal State Fullerton last Friday. The students were incredibly receptive and it was just great to see so many enthusiastic illustrators. Check out some photos here. Hopefully we can do it again sometime... It's such a great excuse to pry myself away from the drawing table. :)

I'm currently painting Daisy Kutter all through the night. The cool night air is actually pretty nice to work in, especially with the days being so hot, and my little AC unit sputtering and working harder than it should to bring the climate in my place to somewhere near room temperature. I just feel that somehow I'm missing out on stuff with a schedule like this, seeing everyone come home from work while I get up to make a waffle for breakfast. I guess this is just how it's gonna have to be until I finish this project...


Mates of State - "Ha Ha" (from Polyvinyl Records)

...and just because I like it so much, here's "One with the Freaks" by The Notwist again... (via Kean and Neil)



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