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September 23rd, 2004 - thursday

Some of the Flight artists and I will be speaking at Cal State Fullerton (room VA 113) at 3pm TOMORROW (Friday)! If you're living in the area - first off, I'm sorry. Secondly, you should head out to hear us chat. We'll even have books with us... For directions, go here.

Girly comics...

When I went to get a haircut yesterday, my barber told me her daughter-in-law was really into Daisy Kutter. She doesn't read comics, but she loves Daisy. Almost any time I talk to someone about the book - usually guy friends or people in the comics industry that are also male - they'll tell me how they think the book is "really cool", but they're blown away by how much their significant other really, really enjoys the book. In fact, these women absolutely love it. Hehe. I never intended for the book to work this way, but I suppose it's a really cool thing that girls are so into it. Daisy Kutter Chapter Two, which is in stores now, is actually all romance! For you action buffs out there I apologize, all that cool stuff is coming in Chapter Three (and there's a TON of action in that one), although all you fellas that have had a relationship at one time or another will most likely be able to relate to all of this. So, for all you romance fans out there, especially the ladies, I recommend picking up a copy of the book. Apparently, you'll really like it. (You can even get them directly from the Viper store.)

I also received an email yesterday asking me if I make a living by drawing Daisy Kutter! Bwahaha!! Ahem....hehe...

To that I say:


Anyway, I have about one more intense 8-hour drawing session ahead of me, to finish about 9 more pages of pencils, and it's on to painting!...



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