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September 20th, 2004 - monday

Just finished my comic for the upcoming SpongeBob Movie Magazine! It's a two-page comic about Plankton going to college. Be sure to check it out on the stands in... err... sometime soon!

Don't want to knock you folks over the head with another birthday drawing, but it was my grandfather's 83rd birthday yesterday. My brother and I took the whole family out to eat to celebrate on Sunday. I'm super proud of my grandfather and everything he's done for his family. The stories are too lengthy to get into detail here, and require maybe an entire afternoon and a cold beer for me to tell them right, but he's definitely been the foundation for our family for so many years, he never retired, and he continues to be an active participant in all family affairs. (He even drove the grandkids to all their sporting events until only recently) So I just want to say Happy Birthday, Grandpa. You're the best. :D

Silent Kimbly...

Check out Ryan Sias's Silent Kimbly! I really like his style on these comics and enjoy reading her outlandish adventures. Ryan's also a workhorse. That guy draws almost as much as I do. Hehehe.

Fan art and stuffs...

Check out this awesome animated Fred gif from Carly Monardo!

And this wicked Daisy Kutter piece by L Frank Weber! Wicked! :D



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