Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow______September 16th , 2004 - thursday___



September 15th, 2004 - wednesday

I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow last night at a screening in Hollywood. Back a few months ago, I saw some sequences from the film while it was in production and I wasn't all that convinced that it was going to work right, (I just don't think blue or green screen acting is the way of future productions...) but despite a little bit of wooden acting, the film actually comes together pretty nicely in the end.

I really liked it. It was even better than I expected, and it's apparent that a lot of love went into making this film. So, I give Sky Captain a high recommendation. An A+ for effort goes to the inspired and talented crew, and a solid B+ for delivering the goods despite the unorthodoxed methods used to produce it. Kerry Conran was there to speak after the screening and he seemed like a genuinely great guy and passionate artist. I really hope this film does well at the box office and I'll be looking forward to Conran's next project, A Princess of Mars. Now go see Sky Captain. It's a great ride...


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