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September 14th, 2004 - tuesday

Lookit Amy go! My friend Amy Kim Ganter has been working on a long-running webcomic/graphic novel called Reman Mythology, and her work is getting better and better every time she posts. Check out this beautiful page!

Daisy Kutter...

I've gone nocturnal cranking through pages of Daisy again. I pretty much locked the Gamecube out of sight so I can finish the book. Costa Rican coffee is waiting to be brewed, since the cup of Peet's has gone cold and sour. A mess of CDs are scattered around my discman. I would be half as productive without music. I know it. It helps get me lost in the work. I'm burning through Staedtler lumograph pencils, pretty much one to a page, and I do a lot of it now with a mechanical pencil to save time, not having to sharpen it. I'm getting about one page of pencils done every hour, and I take a break. (I'm on one now). I really wish I didn't have to resort to working at such a rushed pace, but this is what always happens right? Procrastination always gets the best of me. Let's see if I pull through with this one. The deadline is impossibly tight, so I have a feeling I'm going to witness quite a few sunrises again, these next few weeks...

In the meantime, remember that Daisy Kutter Chapter Two comes out tomorrow, on Wednesday! Be sure to pick up a copy, or two!



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