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August 9th, 2004 - monday

Here are some reviews for DK#1: at paperbackreader.com, and at Broken Frontier...

I just got back from San Francisco. What a cool town. I love living in dusty Pasadena, but I do think I am more of a city kid. I love seeing people walking around, interacting with each other, a cool shop on every corner... having grown up in areas devoid of culture, it's really refreshing to visit places like this. Next stop, New York! (Hopefully, sometime in the near future...)

Hanging out with Derek, Bill, Enrico, Erika, Chris, Patrick, Ben, Jesse, Jason, Robert, Mark, Jing (and the rest of the super 7 crew) was a lot of fun. So far, the greatest thing about drawing comics has been getting to meet and hang out with the nicest, coolest people.

I'll try to post some pictures from the trip once I get them from Ben (since I forgot my camera). I actually drew a pretty elaborate Prisoners image on a toilet seat for James Sime at the Isotope!

The signing on Saturday was also a lot of fun. The store was packed, but compared to the madness that was the Comic-Con, the evening was still pretty mellow and relaxed. On the last day of the trip, I was actually on the air for a Viper Comics feature at Fanboy Radio while in my car going over to the East Bay. My friend Ben was falling asleep at the wheel and I was nudging him awake while answering questions about Daisy Kutter on the phone! I must have sounded incredibly scattered... Never again...

Also....... Happy Birthday, Dad! :D


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