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July 28th , 2004 - wednesday

I stayed up way too late putting together this photo essay last night. The sun was coming up when I finished and I then drove down to my parents' house about 50 miles from here, trying to stay awake by sticking my head out the window of the car. Well, it's a good thing it's done.

Anyway, some highlights from the Con:

Copies of FLIGHT sold like you wouldn't believe. Copies of the book flew off the table. It was surreal.

The Buca Di Beppo dinner. The event was madness, but I can't begin to describe how happy I felt seeing everyone enjoying each others' company, eating and drinking the night away. I stood in the middle of it all for a few moments, looked around, and smiled on the inside. Scott McCloud's toast made me turn red, and I just couldn't believe how so many people I respected were cheering for me for organizing the event. Strange, but so wonderful.

Meeting Jeff Smith. At Comic-Cons past I patiently stood in the long lines at his booth, worried my palms were too clammy or that I would sound like a crazy fanboy when I approached him, and I realized then how much respect I had for this man... Now I've met quite a few famous people I respect, and I am almost never phased by it, but every time I see Jeff Smith I turn into a giddy ten year-old fan. I believe that if I were to meet Miyazaki, I would simply pass out. Jeff Smith gave the Flight crew a copy of the Complete Bone hardcover edition signed "your fan, Jeff Smith" Our fan! :D !!!! (go to Boneville!)

Meeting the Penny Arcade guys! I've been a reader of their comics for a while now and I think I get more thank yous from friends for recommending Penny Arcade than anything else I recommend on this site. Gabe and Tycho are really genuinely nice people and I had a blast chatting with them. I also sat down to watch the first half hour of their Comic-Con panel, (along with Scott Kurtz and Richard Stevens) and they were absolutely hilarious. I think amongst all of the people I met at the Con, I was most impressed by these guys. With their professionalism, down-to-earth personalities, and great fan interaction, it's no wonder Penny Arcade is the web's most popular comic. I also invited them to contribute to a future volume of Flight, so I can't wait to see what they come up with!

I love the guys at Viper Comics. They did such a great job with Daisy Kutter and I have become big fans of the work they all do. Meeting them was like seeing old family members that I already knew and loved. Jessie, Jim, Greg, it was great meeting you guys!

And of course...

Meeting and hanging out with the Flight crew. I am convinced these people are the sweetest human beings on the planet. When people tell me how hard it must have been to put together this book, I usually tell them it wasn't as difficult as everyone imagines. Just spend a few minutes hanging out with these people and you'll understand why I feel this way. I really, really miss them all... But that's such a wonderful feeling...

Scott McCloud, thank you so much for everything. What Scott has done for the book and for the other artists on the Flight crew is overwhelming. Without Scott, I probably would not be drawing the kind of cartoons I do today, since it was after reading Understanding Comics that I had a newfound respect for an artform that I felt I was stuck with; a medium that I once felt no one really respected. I'm glad I changed my mind about it, and I have Scott to thank. So again, thanks Scott!!!!

Oh, and speaking of Scotts, Scott Kurtz asked me to do a guest piece for his wonderful comic, PVP. Check it out! Scott and his wife Angela were also some of the nicest people I hung out with at the Convention. Thanks for coming out to dinner, you two!

Okay, time for that ice cold beer...whew... I don't think I'll be forgetting this Comic-Con any time soon...


July 26th , 2004 - monday

We had a great time at the Con! I just got back from San Diego, so I still have to unpack, organize, drink a beer, take a bath, and decompress. When I'm done with that, I'll post a Con report. See you soon!

In the meantime, check out some of the press Flight is getting. The reception for our book was overwhelming....

Here are some pictures and reports by:

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