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July 20th , 2004 - tuesday

Another cool link via Wira. Crab Fu!

Picking at Scabs...

In addendum to the Fahrenheit review, I'd like to post this link. If you're gonna listen to another voice on this matter, I'd recommend an eloquent and well-educated one. Of course, the parts of the film where Moore spins his conspiracy theories aren't what interested me so much as seeing people who do not hate this country questioning and standing up to authority when they feel the need to seek the truth. These people demand respect. They're the heroes here. Not Moore. So for those that feel riled up about this film, start yelling at those folks, instead of spending your time calling this filmmaker a fat-ass.

The best part of all this is that we're all talking about it now, because we're actually interested. In fact, somebody yelled at me again on the street, saying "we don't want your kind here!", so I suppose all of this really is on the social conscience now. Thanks, politics!


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