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July 8th , 2004 - thursday

Here's a piece of fan art for Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan's Demo. I think it's the best comic on the shelves right now.

I had quite a bit of fun using a big fat brush to do this one. Didn't think too much about the end result and just went to town. The image pays tribute to issue 6, "What You Wish For", a very short story about a young boy with telekinetic powers coping with life in the suburbs. He gets pissed and blows everyone up with his mind. Hehehe.

Having grown up in the middle of the ever-expanding tract housing in Orange County, I can say that I know exactly what it feels like to be trapped in that suburban bubble, around a bunch of strange conservative folks with fake smiles and bratty punkass kids, and I also had to deal with a fair share of racism. Most times I quelled it by getting lost in my imagination, but other times I just wanted to lash out, like this kid here. Of course, I had no telekinetic powers, and I've always been a wuss, so it's always been the drawing board for me.

I really like the complete short story per issue format that Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan have decided to go with on this series, and it has become pretty much the only monthly comic I pick up on a regular basis.

Becky will also be contributing to Flight Volume Two, and ever since picking up issues of Demo, I 've been really looking forward to her contribution...



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