The Adventures of Mia - Issue 2______________________June 5th, 2004 - saturday___



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June 5th, 2004 - saturday

I was lucky enough to have received a copy of issue 2 of Enrico Casarosa's wonderful The Adventures of Mia. This is one of the few comics, like Bone, that has a timeless all-ages feel to it, and it is definitely one of the best. You guys have to pick this one up at the store. The action and the fun characters make this a really great read. It's got plenty of fun sequences that have the same inspired feeling of classic adventure films and some really light, delightfully soothing sequences of flight rendered with Enrico's amazing perspective skills. While the first issue acted as a great standalone story, the second issue begins to start exploring the world Mia lives in. If any of you are fans of the films Porco Rosso or Whisper of the Heart, you will absolutely love this book. The only complaint I have is that I want so badly to see more. Thumbs up from me! I love this book!

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