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We can really use your help. Since we're basically a bunch of no-name talents when it comes to the comics industry, we need to do some strong grassroots campaigning to get Flight off the ground. If you can find your local comic store or book store, head over there, say hello to the nice people, and convince them that they should order copies of Flight Volume One because it is so freakin' cool, then I will be your new best friend. Well, at least until you use my toothbrush or stop returning my DVDs. Then we won't be so tight.

Click here to download a printable pdf file to help promote Flight at your local comic shop...

I have a bunch more Daisy guest pieces to share with you all, but I'll post them here once I set up a page devoted to all things Daisy. That's coming up soon.

Recently, I did a watercolor painting for an art auction over at the Drawing Board. The painting will be up for auction until May 31st, so if you're interested, head on over there, and be sure to check out the amazing work of all the other talented artists. (Click here for more info on the bidding process) This is my first real watercolor piece, so be gentle. I'll do better next time. :)

Last week, my friend Dan invited a couple of friends and me over to the studio where he and a crew of digital artists were working on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. From the clips I've seen, this looks to be a pretty spectacular ride, and the film features some of the coolest robots I have ever seen! Hehe. Thanks for having us over, Dan. We had a blast!

The quick hits...

Other stuff coming up this week: Clive and Cabbage(!), Flight previews, some fan art I did recently, and the new Copper. Daisy Chapter One is finally complete! Now on to Chapter Two... Flight Volume One will be going to print in a couple of weeks, so be sure to get your comic stores to order it now!

I'll also be up at the University of California, Santa Barbara to speak at a career panel on April 30th. More info here.



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