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April 15th, 2004 - thursday

I'll keep this short so I can go to sleep before I faint from exhaustion... but be sure to check out this article over at Comic Book Resources about the Flight Project.

We can really use your help. Since we're basically a bunch of no-name talents when it comes to the comics industry, we need to do some strong grassroots campaigning to get Flight off the ground. If you can find your local comic store or book store, head over there, say hello to the nice people, and convince them that they should order copies of Flight Volume One because it is so freakin' cool, then I will be your new best friend. Well, at least until you use my toothbrush or stop returning my DVDs. Then we won't be so tight.

Click here to download a printable pdf file... you will need Adobe Reader to view it.

^ So here's a printable pdf file that you can use to help promote the book. Let EVERYONE know about it. Help us out. Help COMICS. You'll love the book, I know it.


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