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When I was in elementary school, they gave us these aptitude tests to help us determine what we would do (if and) when we grew up. I usually tailored mine for a career in architecture, since it seemed to be the only creative occupation on their roster of job options. This one time, I was told by the test that I would be suited for "hazardous waste disposal". No kidding.

So guess what? I know what I really want to do when I grow up...

I want to write and draw graphic novels. While it may seem pretty obvious to some of you folks that I'd be pursuing a career in graphic narrative, the truth is I haven't given it a full commitment until just recently. Another truth is that the market for this line of work is in such a sorry state of affairs, I've been hesitating for so long.

The barren landscape can be seen as a good thing in that it frees up creators to do what they like, since most publishers are having a difficult time finding quality graphic narrative to put on the shelves these days, but, man, we've also gotta eat, right?

Well, I gotta do it anyway...

The first book will be "The Last Train" featuring Daisy Kutter and published by Viper Comics. I have nearly completed the first of four chapters. While the book will be published and sitting on shelves in August 2004, I will be posting short installments of the first half of the first issue on a regular basis leading up to the book's release. I'm really enjoying the process of doing these pages. Watch for some previews of the story soon...

The second book will be a long Copper story, most of which has already been written out. In fact, I have two Copper stories ready and waiting to go, and I also have at least five other stories lined up to do, so I better get cranking.

I have to thank everyone who visits the site regularly for the support they've given me through all of this. You all rock. Seriously.

So what do you all want to do when you grow up?



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