Message from the Bunker______________________ February 29th, 2004 - sunday___



I'm writing this from inside my bunker. I have barricaded myself in my apartment to work on the first 34 page installment of Daisy Kutter. The internet tempts me, the refrigerator beckons, but... I... must.... draw... comic. Tezuka did at least ten pages a day. The idiotic side of my brain tells me I can match it. The other, much more pleasant side, tells me to drink some wine and post this message for you nice folks, which is what I am doing right now. :)


You may have noticed the new links on the links page. I added banners that lead to my very talented friend Rad Sechrist, who draws a very good comic called "Beneath the Leaves" and he is also one of the young stars of the Flight book. Welcome him to the web community folks! And convince him to put his engineering degree away. He's too talented a cartoonist to have a real job. He needs to draw!

Erika Moen is one of my favorite people. She is also one of the talented youngsters in Flight Volume One. I love how she pluralizes "art". Hehe.

Ben Hatke and Otis Frampton are very talented cartoonists, and they are both some of the nicest webpeople I've encountered. And hey, check out these cool guest pieces by Otis!



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