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If all goes according to plan, this week Bolt City will have this month's Copper and a full page pin-up/promo thing that features Daisy Kutter, the Bolt City robots, Copper and Fred. The nice folks over at Viper Comics asked if I would like to run a full page promo for Bolt City in their new comic book and I told them "sure!" as any opportunity to practice drawing the Sheriff Daisy Kutter is good, since I'm also gearing up to do a full-blown story featuring her. The Flight story is also near-completion, so I will be busy running around trying to get that book printed, promoted, and distributed very, very soon. Also, it's been a little difficult to think about comics lately, since I've been so busy moving into my new apartment and working on some large projects at Shadedbox, but (for lack of a better phrase) ... it's all good.

Check for major updates at the end of this week.

Oh, and if you want a print of Daisy Kutter vs. Mr. Mouth, I still have a few left. For some reason, people seem to dig these ones the most... Just send me an e-mail or just enter "Daisy Kutter" in the Copper print ordering thing.


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