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Thank you everyone for the nicest hate mail anybody could ask for. Hehe. Reading these messages, I am reminded of the best comment I ever received. It came from a friend of mine while we were still in High School. He was a black belt in Kenpo and a fellow comic book artist (both of us at the time were trying to be Jim Lee when we grew up). He came up to me and said "If you ever quit drawing, I will come find you and kick your ass." If you're reading this Jon - thanks, man!

I also recently added a link to Phil Craven. He's the only person I know who actually has a masters in comics (graphic narrative). I am at the same time awed and dumbfounded by this. What the hell were you thinking, Phil? And on another note, that is so freakin' cool! Check out his work, folks. This guy can draw a mean cartoon.

I am also trying to get my friend Chris Appelhans to make a little banner, but he has yet to get off his arse and do it. Chris is one of the most talented illustrators I have ever eaten Pho with, so check out his skillz and be amazed.


...of course I saw the Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King Tuesday night. And of course it was amazing. I imagine it will be difficult for another film trilogy to come close to capturing the spirit and quality of this one for many years to come. I was tired before walking into the midnight show, and I felt pretty awake three and a half hours later as I was driving home.

Technical note...

Is anyone having trouble seeing the site? It seems that the site is pretty much shut down every other day for some people out there.



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