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The new Copper comic is up. Thanks to everyone who sent in some great e-mails this past week. I'm glad to see people enjoy reading the adventures of Copper and Fred as much as I enjoy telling them, and I really appreciate all of you who took the time to write some very heartfelt and thoughtful e-mails. Now start sending some of that hate mail, people! There must be somebody out there who can't stand these things. We've gotta have some levity here, so if Copper starts receiving TOO much love and no hecklers, I'll be sending in Clive and Cabbage to do some damage.


My friend Dave Yeh from UCSB sent in this rendition of Copper and Fred on a roller coaster. Hmm. That sounds like a good comic. I'll have to throw that into the old brain bucket and toss it around. Thanks Dave!

Dan Misch sent in some neat Copper wallpapers he made based on the first comic, Rocket Pack Fantasy. You can grab them here --> 800, 1024, 1280. Thank you, Dan!

And now looky here, it appears Daisy Kutter is now getting some love...

Current Daily Nexus Art Director (my old job!) Rad Sechrist drew up some ass-kicking Daisy Kutter pieces. Check out all three (1, 2, 3). Rad is also an amazing comicker in his own right, and I'll send you folks over to his site once it's up and running. And here's another cool Daisy drawing from Jay P. Thanks guys!

technical stuff...

Some of you may have noticed that many of the links lead to an alternate site (www.boltcity.net), including most of the Copper comics. This has been part of my incredibly disorganized effort to keep from going over my bandwidth limit every month. Currently, it looks like I'm maxing out on both accounts, so it may be time to move on. Hopefully, I will be able to consolidate all of the material onto one site. More on that as I continue on my quest to be "tech-savvy"...



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