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Here's a little piece I did as a warm-up exercise to get into the "zone" to color some other comics projects. Unfortunately, I didn't quite get into the "zone" this time, as you can see by this pic. Sometimes, coffee can induce this trance-like state, and good music is always very helpful, but other times no amount of chemicals or audio waves can get you there, and for that, there is only one thing to do... Leave that damn computer or drawing table or what-have-you and go live life! REAL life! ...so I went out and did my laundry.

they just keep coming...

...and I love all you folks so much for these. Here's another Copper guest piece by my friend Miwa Matreyek:

She's a very talented collage artist and illustrator that I worked with at the Daily Nexus newspaper for UCSB. Thanks, Miwa!

shameless self-promos ...

I got my first Bolt City postcards, and man, do they look spiffy! Remember to drop by our table at super*Market if you can make it, and be sure to pick one up. OR, you can order some prints that will be sold here on the site in the very near future, and I'll send you a card along with every print purchased.





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