The Old Man on the Mountain___________________ August 26th, 2003 - tuesday___



I must be getting old, because I can no longer keep up with my younger siblings and cousins at Six Flags Magic Mountain. If my memory serves correct, I don't recall being as gung-ho as these kids about riding the insane looping coasters when I was 10 years old. I think I was still trying to conquer Space Mountain. So while the kids ran around like maniacs, my younger brother noted how we would both rather sit down and watch a live show than scramble toward the craziest new coaster on the lot, even if it was the Batman Action Craptacular. He was right. I would rather see Les Miserables than be propelled through the air at high speeds. I am now old.

Despite my old man bantering, I did have quite a lot of fun aboard that ridiculous machine they call "X". The ingenuity of the ride design is almost... inspiring. That ride really gives you your money's worth, even if it does feel like you're gonna get tossed out of it. And that first drop is absolutely nuts.

As for the image above, I've been meaning to draw it for a while now, as a continuation to the New Sheriff illustration in the garage. I'm really liking this character. Anybody want to name her? I'm thinking about going with Sheriff Daisy Kutter. :P




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