The Adventures of Mia__________________________ August 11th, 2003 - monday___



The above drawing is a piece of fan art I did for the amazing Enrico Casarosa. His work is always inspiring, and I had a lot of fun doing a rendition of his wonderful character, the dauntless aviator, Mia Castelli.

Okay, so major work has begun at the studio on a new project, so I won't be posting quite as frequently on the front page for a while. Of course, the last time I said this, I did the exact opposite and posted like a madman, but this time I'm serious. Seriously. I mean it.

On another note, I recommend the film 28 Days Later. It is director Danny Boyle's best effort since Trainspotting, and it is also his most serious work to date. Just don't dismiss it as a zombie flick. It is much more than that.






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