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So I made a few more changes. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record when I say "this website is a continual work-in-progress", but it is. I'll be moving things around and adding new things to it so long as I'm not too busy. I also realized that I originally started this site as a means to get myself to produce more images, so I guess I better start honoring that.

In a week or so, I will begin story work on a feature film project for a major studio, so it may be difficult for me to continue with the regular updates. Knowing myself, however, I'm sure I will run myself ragged trying to keep it up, and I will again bite off more than I can chew. We'll see.

I hope you've been enjoying the work on this site so far. I know I've produced some crap from time to time, but I'm working to filter most of it out, and I am learning A LOT by doing all this nonsense.

On another note...

Thanks to Scott Kurtz for letting me do a guest piece for the new printed issue of PVP. Although I have only been reading webcomics for a few months now, I've really enjoyed his comics work. I also had a very nice conversation with him over the phone, and I really respect the very professional attitude he takes with his craft. I always like hearing artists, no matter how popular they are, continually talk about getting better at the work they do. The best ones seem to never stop working their asses off.

Even more rambling...

If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend picking up copies of Blankets and Same Difference and Other Stories at your local comic shop. I remember thinking soon after I started this site, that I would really like to help get non-comics readers into comics. So here are a couple of books that you might enjoy even if you aren't entrenched in the comics subculture. These books are very well-written, honest accounts of real life issues. It's literature, I say. Go pick them up, support good comics, and enjoy the wonderful reading. I just wish I hadn't read them already.

Note to self: No more espresso after midnight.





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