The High Seas__________________________________ July 14th, 2003 - monday___








Ahoy, mateys! Welcome aboard the mighty Bolt City! If ye be lookin' fer high adventure, ye came lookin' in the right place!



Avast, ye shall discover whimsical tales of heartache and romance with a good dose of humor here! Um, arrrhhh!



Arrrh. Do not mind me fool shipmate's penchant for cheesy sentimentality, mateys, as it may steer ye clear of goin' on account! Let it be known we have no yellow-bellied landlubbers here. Only the most villainous and odious seamen take bunk on the notorious Bolt City. Isn't that right, ye little odious one?





Hehehe. You will make a fine pirate yet, ye young swabbie.


----- end of transmission. -----

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