The Smell of Fresh Paint___________________________ July 11th, 2003 - friday___


Man, it's about time he let us in here.


What do you guys think of the new space?




It's a little smaller, but I guess it does feel pretty cozy.



I think this will help us become a more tightly-knit group. I'm feeling the love already.


A few minutes into the new set-up, Hi-Top, and you already bring back the cheese. I'd make fun of you right now, but I'm soaking in the new layout. I'm diggin' it.




To all you folks tuning in, the technical questions/tutorial post will be up sometime later. I would like to do a nice job on it, so I can put it in the studio section for future perusal.

And if any of you guys want to get in any more questions or suggestions for the tutorial posts, go ahead and send them in.

I'm also working on getting a mailing list on here, so expect that very soon...

See ya next week!



----- end of transmission. -----

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