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COPPER - "BRIDGES" - July 2003

I remember just three weeks ago, I let out a great big sigh of relief since soon after I finished drawing the last Copper comic, I had already finished writing and laying out the next one. I remember thinking, "Great! I'm way ahead of schedule now! I'll spend all this extra time on writing the Copper book!"

Flash forward three weeks to find me sitting at my workstation coloring the new comic, a cup of mocha on my desk, racing against the sunrise so I can get some sleep before I have to go to work. It always seems to work like this, doesn't it?

I hope you guys enjoy this month's installment. This piece was a joy to do, since it is heavily influenced by two artists whose work I adore. See if you can guess who they are! (Hint: One of them isn't an illustrator)

Lastly, I'd like to thank all of you who wrote in about the new layout. It appears you guys like it. That's good, cuz I ain't changin' it! Hehe. Oh, and updates will be a little less frequent for the next few weeks. It's getting pretty crazy at work, so I'd like to try and concentrate on those projects for the time being, especially when that's what's putting food on the table.





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