New Layout ________________________________________________ July 7th, 2003 - monday



Okay, please bear with me folks. The site is going through some heavy changes, so we'll be kicking up a little dust here this week.

I've been staring at my site layout for weeks trying to come up with a solution to the scrolling problem (which was something a few of my friends were complaining about). So I produced sketch after sketch of proposed designs for the home page, and then stared at the screen some more until my eyes felt numb. After about a week of going over it in my head, I looked at my pile of sketches and development work, scratched my stubbly chin, then scrapped them all in place of the design you see here, which is nothing like any of the earlier designs. Not that anyone should care, but this is just how so much of the stuff here is created. It's either the original version of a design or the last-minute, hastily swapped-in version that goes to final. (Most often the latter) A lot of the work done in between gets tossed out, but it's still necessary to go through all of that nonsense to know what you want in the end. I think there's a real lesson in there somewhere, but I'm not quite sure what it is.

Now please excuse me while I go put some kind of pain relief on my horribly sunburned back and get in a couple of hours of sleep before I go to work later this morning...

And hey, feel free to review the new layout and send in any complaints or comments. Feedback is always appreciated.



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