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Well, it's that time of the week again, where we screen Doctor Linklove Or: How I Learned to Come Up with Less Material by Directing the Audience to Another Site. But before we get to the feature presentation, let's take a look at some reader mail...

I got a lot of really nice e-mails this week from people all over the world, but one comment really tickled me. This is from "Lisa" on the Copper comics:

"I have to admit I thought the morality of the comic was a little cheesy at first but then I actually grew to like them A Lot."


Okay folks, here's some cool links, courtesy of Mr. Sean Weinstaim from Toronto. Sean is also part of a pretty nifty little company called Ghostmilk, based in the Toronto area, so check them out.

All these cats have groovy stuff (a line influenced by my having received the beautiful new Gene Deitch art book. Beautiful!):

Jay Stephens has some great work on his site. It's chock full of cartoons, some of which are downright hilarious.

Michael Cho has a pretty cool retro-style.

Marek Colek has some funky fresh city scenes. (and I NEVER say "funky fresh"!)

If you guys know of any super cool links you just have to share, feel free to shoot over an e-mail. That way we can make sure the five people who visit this site are kept on the inside track.

So that's it for this week. Tune in next week for more stupid robot antics. I also wouldn't be surprised if the new Copper comic showed up out of the blue... Have a great weekend!



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