The Sad Truth____________________________________updated: May 26th, 2003 - monday______


I have a question for you, boss.






Since this section was created as a journal, why aren't you treating it like a journal? To me, this section feels like a comic strip without panels. There's hardly a journal entry here.



Yeah, I realized that. The truth is, my life consists of little more than working at a desk all day long. Sometimes I eat, and I sleep, too. It just doesn't seem like anything worth writing about.



But that's what I do, too.



Damn. You're right. NONE of us have lives.



I think this calls for drastic action- Let's break out the Yahtzee!



I dunno, Hi-Top.






I don't have that much time.



Hungry Hungry Hippos?



Do we get two hippos each?






You're on.


----- end of transmission. -----


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