Alien Safari - Part 14____________________________updated: May 21st, 2003 - wednesday______



I just posted the final Alien Safari episode. Whew!



...about time.


I really like it. I especially like how you realize the old man is actually a disgruntled ex-employee. It totally explains why he acts the way he does. I really hope this isn't the last we'll be seeing of Clive and Cabbage!



Bzt! Bzz-zzzt!


Clive and Cabbage will definitely be back, but first I want to finish the other projects on the table and try my best to knock 'em out one by one. Alien Safari has been a wonderful exercise to see if I could produce 2 pages every week consistently. As for the quality of the content, I feel that I may have failed on some points, but overall, it didn't turn out all that bad. Especially for improvisation. Keep tuning in for the monthly Copper and the next webcomic, which will begin very soon. Later!


----- end of transmission. -----


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