Journal Gets a Brand New Face______________________updated: May 16th, 2003 - friday______


Hello all! I have decided to change up this little section of the site to look somewhat like an online discussion forum. To your left you will find a little picture of me, or at least a pretty close approximation of what I look like. I figured since most of the site is visual, the blog should be, too. The more pictures the better, I say. I also want to introduce my assistant, Mr. Hi-Top.



Uh, hi folks!


Since I'll probably be too busy to constantly update this weblog, Hi-Top will be filling in for me on occasion. However, I'll come back and be sure to keep you guys updated on the progress of the Copper book and anything else that's newsworthy. See you guys later!



Um...hehe. Hi folks! Have a great weekend!

----- end of transmission. -----


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